About CPR

Because students should not be forced into a cookie-cutter mold of what is thought colleges would want... We will guide and support you throughout your secondary education experience in order to promote positive choices that help you develop into the type of person that a college would love to have!

Academic Advisors

Our Advisors will help you think critically about your academic future. They will help cultivate interests consistent with your strengths, and help you make thoughtful decisions throughout your schooling. They will also help you select appropriate colleges and navigate the admissions process.

Active Learning Center

Our Learning Center will allow you to work in cooperative work areas and informal learning spaces, thereby fostering participation in a collaborative 21st century learning and work environment. Tutoring and special enrichment classes will be offered throughout the year and during the summer months.



203 W Caracas Avenue, Suite B
Hershey PA, 17033


On Ridge Road (behind Chipotle, across from Wells Fargo Bank)



(717) 534-1234