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Because students should not be forced into a cookie-cutter mold of what is thought colleges would want... We will guide and support you throughout your secondary education experience in order to promote positive choices that help you develop into the type of person that a college would love to have!

High School Students


BE PREPARED! Our program utilizes experienced instructors, a well-developed curriculum, and classes of about 6 students to address individualized needs.
PART 1 is our INTRO Course which consists of 8 1-hour sessions that include an overview of test-taking guidelines and an introduction to math & verbal test content and problem solving, using homework assignments and class review.
PART 2A involves two critical BASELINE ASSESSMENTS to determine whether the SAT or ACT test is right for each student.
PART 2B is our GENERAL CONCEPTS Course which consists of 9 1-hour sessions which review test-taking strategies and important SAT/ACT concepts.
PART 3 is our MOCK TEST/REVIEW Course which involves structured preparation about 3 weeks prior to select SAT & ACT Test Dates, to include 3 real-world mock tests, weekly 2-hour review sessions to address incorrect responses, and weekly 2-hour drop-in time for additional questions and individualized help.
To maximize preparation, it is recommended that these 3 courses be taken in sequence. They may also be taken as stand-alone courses, based on individual needs.

Comprehensive Personal Review

TELL US ALL ABOUT YOU! The Personal Review combines a Personality/Behavioral Assessment with a Student Profile to help identify your strengths and interests. This stepping stone allows us to determine an Action Plan which helps your personal “story” materialize. We will work together throughout the year on course selection and pursuit of activities consistent with your passion. Our regular “To Do” lists will keep you organized, focussed, and on target to achieve your goals, with an emphasis on helping you maximize your Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Career experiences.

College Inventory

FINDING A COLLEGE SHOULD BE FUN! We will provide a road-map and motivation for you to achieve your admission goals. We will start by using our College Grid to help you create a personalized College Inventory list based on familiarity, along with academic, geographic and size parameters. We will then have you complete a brief questionnaire to further refine your list, considering academic, social, and financial factors. Your list will be complete with three tiers: confident, priority and reach.

Preparing for Interviews

NOT JUST FOR COLLEGE! An important life skill, interpersonal communication is critical in your ability to advocate for yourself, and present yourself with confidence. This course is divided into 4 sessions to help improve your comfort level with face-to-face interactions, sharing your personal successes, and discussing your college specific goals and expectations. We will support you through your college interviews, and also help improve your interview skills for opportunities such as internships, scholarships, and employment.

Resume Building

START RECORDING! Our focus is on helping you best represent yourself. We will help guide the documentation of your successes, including academics, leadership, extra-curricular activities, community service, and employment. Our specialized resume template will highlight important aspects of the common app, and make the completion of college applications much simpler.


Just For Seniors

Senior Bootcamp

IT’S TIME TO GET DOWN TO BUSINESS! Beginning August 1st of each year, these 2-day sessions help you complete the Common App, exclusive of the essay. Prep involves a 1-hour session to set up necessary software credentials, followed by completion of the basic elements of the Common App (Day 1), concluding with college specific application components (Day 2).

Essay Strategy

IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU! College applications are only two-dimensional. The Common App essay and all supplemental essays are your way of bringing your qualifications to life. We will guide you in determining the most unique and interesting facets of your life that need to be elaborated and shared. We will help you determine the best focus for each response.

Essay Review

IT JUST TAKES TIME! The story of you took almost 18 years, so why rush your essay? Our Essay Specialists will provide individualized attention to help you find your authentic voice when writing your story. This includes getting started, understanding your audience, sticking to a schedule, revising, and using detail to create vivid images to hook the reader. You can count on supportive coaching throughout the drafting process, with specific guidance on content, creativity, organization, sentence structure, grammar and usage.

Non-Common App Prep

NEED SOME HELP? Many large universities do not subscribe to the Common App. In these situations, we will help you complete these unique online college applications separately.


High School & Middle School Students

Academic Skills Sessions

STOP SPINNING YOUR WHEELS! Let our experienced instructor help you with the basics. Whether in Middle or High School, our well-developed curriculum will help you put it all together in a series of 3 or 4 small group sessions. This will help you get Organized, Manage your Time, and Set Goals, as well as help you Create Good Study Habits and Effective Note Taking. Our personalized approach will make sure you are prepared for any academic challenge. Private sessions are also available.

Subject Tutoring

WE WANT TO TEACH YOU! Individualized instruction by our certified teachers will help you learn the material regardless of the subject. Private and small group sessions will be offered, with a personalized approach that focuses on student engagement. We will support you with training on difficult concepts, homework guidance, and professional feedback on specific assignments. Tutors are available in the areas of English (reading and writing), History, Math, Science, and Foreign Languages.

Writing Center

PUT IT IN WRITING! Don’t wait until college to learn to write! Our writing experts will mentor and guide you through the entire writing process. With a focus on Middle and High School English papers, we will provide a student-centered approach to reading, brainstorming, and critical thinking strategies in order to create better writers, not necessarily perfect papers.

Summer Supplement

NOT JUST FOR ELEMENTARY STUDENTS ANYMORE! You’ve tried Pottery, Sports, and Creative Cooking, but now you are in Middle or High School. Sign-up for private lessons or a group class with creative curriculum in core subjects or the arts. Examples include, Code Hour, Robotics, Language Immersion, History through Movies, Learn a Song (piano), Guitar Lessons, Drawing, and more!

Affordability Counseling

THERE ARE ALWAYS OPTIONS! These sessions will provide guidance on the financial aid process, including an overview of the loan, grant, and work study components of need packages. We will discuss creative ways to help you afford a college education, help you identify schools with appropriate types of merit scholarships, and find scholarship opportunities that are not school specific.

ATSAP U – Computer Classes

ATSAP U . . . Offering computer programming courses that will put you and your friends ahead of the game! These courses provide valuable information in multiple different areas. From basic computer programming principles to building fully functional 2D video games, Atsap U is providing material necessary for accelerated growth. The Active Learning Center is proud to be partnering with Atsap U, an educational department of Atsap, LLC, a software consulting company in Pittsburgh, PA. https://www.atsapllc.com/

Talent Recruitment Counseling

LET’S SHOWCASE YOUR ABILITIES! We will guide your pursuit of intercollegiate athletics or the arts. These sessions will help you navigate the system to determine the best course of action when applying to colleges. We will focus on finding the right schools that match your talent needs and balance your academic expectations. We will suggest appropriate venues to help you get noticed, guide your communications with recruiters, and help you track your contacts.


Internship Placement

GETTING THE JOB DONE! There is nothing like being at an actual work site to help you decide if a job is right for you. Let us help you find the right environments that match your job interests so you can get hands-on experiences. This exploration process is an important part of your academic growth, and includes informal shadowing opportunities as well as extended internship assignments.

Middle School Students

Program for Enrichment

ARE YOU BEING CHALLENGED? We want you to be engaged, spending significant time doing things you enjoy. We will help identify enrichment opportunities that correspond to your strengths and interests so you can cultivate and pursue your passion. These may be scheduled throughout the year, during summer, or as weekend offerings.


College Prep Packages

High School Premier Services
  • Comprehensive Personal Review
  • College Inventory List
  • Prep for Interviews
  • Resume Build
  • Program for Enrichment
  • Active Learning Center Membership
High School Senior Services*
  • Common App Boot Camp
  • College Inventory List
  • Prep for Interviews
  • Resume Build
  • Essay Strategies
  • Active Learning Center Membership
  • *after August 1st of Senior Year