How do YOU study best?

Is it the library or the local eatery? Let us suggest combining the two! Like the modern Student Center at most universities, we have created a 21st Century intellectual social arena for students to come together and learn. Our Active Learning Center is made up of multi-functional classrooms, lecture rooms, gathering spaces, group study and dynamic learning spaces.

  • ANNUAL MEMBERSHIPS to the Learning Center are available to all Middle and High School Students, and are included with all service packages. A nominal drop-in fee allows access for non-members.

  • THE ACTIVE LEARNING CENTER IS EQUIPPED with Television screens with Apple TV technology sharing, internet hard-wired Apple Computers, free wifi internet access, and a wireless printer.

  • YOUR EFFORTS WILL BE SUPPORTED with white boards, flip charts, drawing tables, and basic homework supplies. Academic reference books and journals available, along with on-site keyboard & guitar.​

  • MODERN FURNITURE is designed to keep your mind and body active, including Sit-Stand Desks, Zenergy Balls, Buoy & Swivel Node Chairs, rotating stools, and an array of mobile desks.

  • SPECIAL ACCESSORIES include Pod Chairs for alone time, Rock Pillows to lounge in comfort, and The Learning Center Wall for creative expression.

  • ON-LINE SCHEDULING allows for easy access to tutors, classes, and advisor meetings. You can make your own appointments that best fit into your schedule.

  • ELECTRONIC CHECK-IN/OUT SYSTEM provides accountability on student participation in the Learning Center. A parent will receive an e-mail alerting them to your time spent on site.

  • REFUEL with an array of beverages and healthy fruit and snacks which are available for purchase. Free dispensed water and fresh popcorn always available.

  • LEARNING LOUNGE - Casual living space intended for individual study. Can also be used for group discussions, study sessions, informal gathering, and integrated technology.

Relax and discuss

  • ACADEMIC SKILLS STATION - High-top cafe style work space intended for group skills sessions. Can also be used for group teaching, projects or studying, partner or individual homework, and informal gathering.

Middle School session

  • PRESENTATION ROOM - Lecture space intended for test prep classes. Can also be used for formal lectures, group study, integrated technology, informal gathering, and movies.

Test Prep Classes

  • TEAM PROJECT ROOM - Modern glass office with multi-level work space intended for group projects. Can also be used for class instruction & tutoring, group study, and integrated technology.

Group collaboration

  • COLLABORATION CORNER - Classroom setting with fully-mobile and integrated desk chairs, intended for group instruction. Can also be used for group study & projects, and individual or group tutoring.

Small group tutoring

  • MULTI-MEDIA ROOM - Board room style intended for integrated technology. Can also be used for class instruction, group projects or study sessions, individual or group tutoring.

Get connected

  • CREATIVE STUDIO - Music/Art room intended for individual lessons. Can also be used for individual or group projects, personal creativity, or group instruction.

Draw, play, create

  • HOMEWORK HUB - Provides office structure intended for individual homework. Can also be used for personal studying, 1-on-1 assistance, partner work, and integrated technology.

Computer time

  • BREAKOUT SPACE - Pod Chairs intended for private time. Can also be used for individual reading/ homework, personal studying, and creative expression. Includes kitchenette/snack area with beverages and healthy treats.

Down time

  • DISCUSSION DEN - Living room style room intended for private conversation. Can also be used for clinical discussions, individual study, partner work, and 1-on-1 tutoring.

Quiet study


To foster individual talent, ambition, and passion.



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